Depending on the nature of your requirements, one or more solutions can be applied

Project example

A typical project features of one or more solutions.
The example below shows the technical solutions used to assemble a complete module.

  • Screened thick film substrate. Sometimes, a PCB is used instead, this depends on the requirements.
  • Component pick & place.
  • Die bonding. The process where a bare die (unpackaged chip) is accurately positioned and fixed.
  • Wire bonding. Interconnections are made from die to substrate.
  • Wire bonding. After insertion and fixation of the substrate into the enclosure, connections are made from the substrate to the enclosure pads.
  • Module assembly: if necessary, the enclosure is filled with protective gel. Finally, a lid is glued in place to seal the unit.

At C-MAC we understand that you have a choice of manufacturing partners.

Quality, Lead time and Cost are usually determining factors.

We believe it is important to add Flexibility & Customer intimacy to the above.


Flexibility means we can offer you an exceptional degree of customization combined with small or varying batch sizes.

Customer intimacy

Customer intimacy does not just mean good customer support but starts at the very beginning of the project. By appointing a dedicated project engineer, we can guarantee a personal approach for the complete life cycle of your project.

C-MAC customer intimacy movie (1m15s)

Team up

Below you can find a typical project life cycle.
We can team up at any stage, no matter what the current status of your project is.

By involving us in an early stage of your project, we can assure DFM (Design For Manufacturability), DFT(Design For Testability) & DFC (Design For Cost).

Find the best solution together

Most likely you will not be an expert in any of the technologies we offer. Do not worry, we are and we’d be happy to use all our expertise to help succeed your project.

It is equally possible that the solution you have envisioned uses one or more less suited technologies, be it for technical, financial and/or logistical reasons. Once again, we can work together towards a solution that does comply with all requirements.

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