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C-MAC participated for the first time at the thick sweater day, an initiative of the Environment Department of the Flemish Government. This is an annual campaign to raise awareness about climate change in an active, positive and playful way.
Thick sweater day 2020 is all about biodiversity: greenery and insects. Companies can also give more opportunities to biodiversity on their own premises. C-MAC is convinced that these actions are beneficial for the workers, the company and nature.

For these reasons C-MAC has implemented following actions:

• A pond has been installed and the company premises are maintained in an ecological manner by the company Arcor from Ronse.
• Benches have been placed near the pond, and also at several other locations on the premises. This way everybody can relax during breaks in a green, relaxing environment.
• Several birdhouses and feeders have been placed.
Berry shrubs have been planted.
Apples and pears from a local grower have been distributed to all staff members.

Through this C-MAC contributes to Sustainable Development Goals 3 (Health and well-being) and 13 (Climate).