Hermetic Module Assembly

For your hermetic module assembly needs we offer two high-tech solutions:

  • Precision laser welding under helium/nitrogen/argon atmosphere.
  • Vacuum soldering under nitrogen atmosphere.

Precision laser welding

Laser welding: step by step

Vacuum oven removes all residual moisture before sealing.

Programmable XYZ table allows virtually any enclosure shape.

We can handle stainless steel, titanium and kovar.

A state-of-the art TRUMPF laser ensures consistent weld results.

Each unit has to pass our extremely sensitive gross &fine leak testing equipment.

If you require unit traceability, we can laser mark each individual unit.

Each unit is fully tested according to your specifications before packing.

C-MAC hermatic laser sealing movie (10s)


To cover an area of e.g. a ceramic substrate by means of a metal (kovar) cap, we can perform vacuum soldering under nitrogen atmosphere.

After soldering, the area under the metal cap is hermetically sealed and remains filled with nitrogen, which protects the components against e.g. moisture.

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