Thick film substrates

C-MAC is one of the pioneers in thick film technology. We started screen printing in 1965.

Thick film technology means:

  • High reliability
  • High stability
  • Excellent power handling
  • Ability to combine analog, digital & power on a single substrate
  • High temperature capability


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C-MAC fully automated screen printing video (55s)


Besides the standard sizes 4″x4″ & 5″x6″ (10.16×10.16cm & 12.70×15.24cm), we can handle sizes up to 5″x12″ (12.70×30.48cm).

metallisation & castellation

By means of hole metallisation (the equivalent of PCB vias) or castellation (similar to metallisation but only half a hole, situated on the border of the substrate), we can route signals from the top to the bottom of the substrate or allow connection to e.g. a PCB pad.


For most applications, thick film resistors are screened with a lower value and laser trimmed to the correct value afterwards.
We offer standard trimming up to 1, 2 or 5% tolerance.

We can achieve an accuracy of up to 0.1%

C-MAC laser trimming video (55s)

TEST & (bad)marking

If required, the following actions can be performed:

  • Continuity check
  • Short circuit check
  • High voltage breakdown test (up to 800V)
  • General good mark
  • Unit badmark
  • Destroy functionality of bad parts
  • Lasering of custom codes

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